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North Vancouver

Muse Granville
460 Granville St, 
Vancouver, BC V6C 1V4



Beltline Cannabis
806 12 Ave SW,
Calgary, AB T2R 0J3

About Us

Big crops of BC bud from the Fraser Valley. Hand-harvested then packed in bulk bags for convenience and value.

Where you put your greenhouse is as important as what’s grown in it.

The Fraser Valley is a perfect place to grow. The long days and moderate temperatures create an environment where the weed stretches as far as the eye can see. We’re only able to grow this big because nature makes it possible.

Quality goods. Quantity grown.

Plant it in the right place. Sweat every detail. Then pack it up in large, fresh and potent packages. That’s how we roll.

We hand harvest every bud. There are times when the human touch is exactly what a bud needs.

Always big bags. We grow big so there’s always more weed to go around.

Fresh from the Valley

Long sunny, summer days, and perfect moderate year-round temperatures, BC bud grows big in the Fraser Valley.

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